Scope 1: Civil Technology

In the field of Civil Technology, Viigerlind Astra aspires to create innovative solutions that help us in our daily activities as well as new inventions which provide us with new options and possibilities.

Scope 2: Defence Technology

Viigerlind Astra is active in the field of Defence Technology to be on the frontline of innovation.

Scope 3: Space Technology

Viigerlind Astra cooperates in international space programs to assist with fundamental research, which hopefully someday opens new frontiers for mankind.

Osprey X

OspreyX is an autonomous ornithopter drone. Ornithopters have the potential to fly more quietly and safely than multirotor drones. In addition to that, flapping-wing ornithopters have the potential to fly longer range and have better maneuverability.

OspreyX drone is characterized by the following features:

  • Flappable wings each having 4 degrees of freedom
  • Gripper legs
  • Machine vision with 3 IR cameras
  • Autonomous trajectory planning
  • Communication over 4G LTE and Wifi
  • Intelligent energy management with supercaps and Li-Ion batteries

Viigerlind Astra has been developing OspreyX since 2016.

About us

Viigerlind Astra is a technology company, whose operations span from conceptualizing new ideas until launching a 0-series product. Our business interests lie in mechatronics, robotics and energy technology related research and development projects in the fields of civil, defence and space technology.

Viigerlind Astra is characterized by broad interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and experience in technology development from various sectors, spanning automotive industry, machinery manufacturing and electric power industry. We believe that in order to develop something truly innovative in today's dynamic world, experience from different industries is not only an advantage, but a must.

Our mission

Our mission is to widen our possibilities and to extend our knowledge through innovative technology.

Our vision

In our 10 year vision, Viigerlind Astra is by 2025 an acknowledged partner in the field of technology development in all our core business areas: civil, defence and space technology. Notwithstanding that Viigerlind Astra is not yet a main contractor in defence and space technology projects, Viigerlind Astra is still a renowned and appreciated partner in the development of custom high priority, complex and research-intensive components. In addition to that, by 2025 Viigerlind Astra has created 3 original products that have gained international publicity and acclaim.